The 5 Cultural Diversity Practitioner Competencies for Managing Cultural Collisions — Diversity Certification Programs — DELA

* The cultural diversity professional that wants an anti-cultural diversity protester silenced will not succeed in creating inclusion. Taking care of the traumatized and reducing future threat require embracing the people who say and do things that exclude and their targets. * The exclusionist will say and do things that rub against the sacred inclusion values practitioners hold. Competent practitioners avoid getting hooked by these acts of exclusion. Instead, they focus as much attention on serving the needs of the exclusionist as those psychologically harmed by their words and deeds. That is the only path towards full inclusion. This does not mean colluding in the harm. It means understanding each side to come up with the best possible solution to address and limit the harm their behaviors cause. Google may have gotten rid of one troublemaker by firing the employee who wrote the email, but not the real problem. I have offered a better alternative in several articles, including “Don Imus Needs Heart Surgery — Not a Vacation”.

Consistently Focus on Separating the Real Problem from Its Symptoms

Compassion for Individuals Who Espouse & Value Exclusion

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